Thursday, August 27, 2015

LDS: Restoration of True Christianity or a Fabrication by Joseph Smith?

According to Mormons, Joseph Smith was chosen by God to restore the church to the true teachings of Christ.  According to them, after the first apostles died, the people lost the message and ceased to do the work of God.  The Mormons frequently refer to modern churches as "the whore of Babylon".   Smith was to lead the people back to the correct way to worship God.

A Restoration.

Restorations and reformations have occurred periodically in Christianity.  Martin Luther is the most famous reformer in Christianity.  Many may not realize that Luther had no intention of causing a split in the Catholic Church.  He simply wanted certain practices such as the selling of indulgences to end.  We're wanted a return to a previous type of church.

Joseph Smith preached Mormonism as a restoration of the true church but his ideas and the practices of the LDS have no correlation in any era of Judaism or Christianity.  His so called restoration has enacted a completely new set of practices and heretical beliefs.  A true restoration would make the LDS an institution that Jesus would not only recognize but also feel comfortable promoting and practicing.

A restoration church should be recognizable to Jewish scholars as first century Judaism.  Jesus was a Jew. He preached as a Jew. He worshiped as a Jew.  He lived as a Jew.  If we lost our way within a generation or two of his crucifixion, the practices of the LDS should be very Jewish.

Instead of returning to following the laws of kosher, the LDS has limited only alcohol, coffee, and tea.  Jesus clearly did not activate a strict prohibition against alcohol since he turned water into wine and commanded us to break the bread and drink the wine in remembrance of him, our Holy Eucharist.

Instead of returning to a strict observation of the Sabbath, the LDS still considers Sunday as the proper day to worship God.   If there is anything that could be justified, it would be returning the day of worship to the Jewish Sabbath, Saturday.

When in Judaism or ancient Israel did God command his people to live plural marriage? 
When did He permit all men to be admitted to the priesthood? 
When did He demand strict tithing?  
When did He command the so called temple work of endowment and sealing of marriage for time and eternity.?
When did He advocate baptizing the dead, sealing the dead in marriage and endowment of the dead?

None of the practices or core beliefs are a return.