Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Did the Gold Plates of Mormon Exist?

Gold Plates Clip Art
 Gold Plates:

  • Inscribed with the history of an ancient group that lived in the Americas.
  • Buried in a hill for centuries.
  • Contains the second and "true" testament Jesus of Nazareth.
  • That were "translated" into the Book of Mormon.
  • Unseen by anyone else using their biological eyes.

Without the gold plates, Mormonism falls.  There is no basis for their beliefs if the gold plates never existed.  If Smith lied, thousands of good people have been deceived.  It is curious that the LDS typically depicts Smith translating the plates by sitting at a desk with the plates in front of him. He is deep in thought as he studies them.  This creates a very academic environment for the translations. Reality is so much more interesting. Smith never had the plates in sight as he dictated the Book of Mormon. Instead, he put his favorite er stone into a tall hat, put his face into the hat to block the light, and then and only then would he begin his "translation".

The question is simple. The Book of Mormon is a hoax. No one saw it. The words are not consistent with an ancient manuscript. It contains errors of translation that were unique to the King James version of the bible. None of the so called history is accurate. Native American Indians are not of descended from Israelites.  

The story told about the events and events surrounding that time changed significantly through the years. Smith has a reputation as a story teller.  Stood trial and was convicted for deceiving people.

It was the ultimate get rich quick scheme.  If the objective had truly been to share the word of God, why was there a rush to publish it as a book? Why did he try to sell the copyrights? 

The bigger question is, why did anyone believe him and why are people still unwilling to accept the truth?  I have been watching many YouTube videos about Mormonism and people who try to spread the truth. In several of these videos, the Mormons asked if the Book of Mormon is fake and the LDS is not a true church of God, then what do they have to offer that is better.  

For the people to accept that Smith lied, do they really need to be shown a better option?  They would rather continue to follow a religion based on a lie and faulty theology.  Shouldn't we start with truth and work from there?

I will not preach to people.  I believe in God.  I believe we have lost sight of His love and His guidance though the years.  I started studying all religions in order to see past out perversions of religion. Mormonism is one of the worst offenders.  It was stated on a lie and get progressively worse with time.

There are plenty of very good websites and I am finding many sources written within a few years of Smith's so called discovery.  In the next few weeks, I will be paying many more essays. In those I will provide sources and specifics.  This has become a passion. I want to provide the information people need to not fall victim to the missionary's tactics.