Monday, August 31, 2015

Collapse of Mormonism Coming From Within

All the scientific evidence supports what many have believed since the 1830's.  The Book of Mormon is not ancient and it is not an accurate history.  It is a 19th century work of fiction.  The gold plates never existed.  The so called religion is based on the lies of a man trying to convince people to give him money.

With the advent of the Information Age, the Brethren can no longer suppress the truth with their propaganda or simple denials.  Anyone can look for answers and find credible information in minutes.  Mormons can find all the evidence they need to prove that Joseph Smith and the other founders of Mormonism were liars more interested in power and money than worshiping God on the LDS website and in authorized LDS sources.

I have spent hours listening to former Mormons tell their stories.  Many of these people wanted nothing more than to prove that the Mormon beliefs were true.  Time after time, I heard the pain as they realized the lie and were forced to accept the truth.  

The first story I heard of this type was of a young man preparing for his mission.  He felt that in order to properly do the work of the Mormon church and preach to non-believers, he needed to have a firm understanding of his faith.  He had questions and sought clarification.  He did not have doubts and seek to prove the LDS false.  He had faith but wanted more knowledge to deepen his faith.  The opposite occurred.  His questions grew and his faith in the truth of the LDS dissolved.

Although details changed, I heard this same basic story told many times.  The questions arose not because the members fell under the sway of evil anti-Mormon activists or because somehow they came across anti-Mormon literature.  This first story happened before the rise of ex-Mormon support groups and even before the advent of computers and the internet.  

I heard this story told by Sandra Tanner.  It is the story of her husband Jerald Tanner's quest for truth as a teenager during the late 1950's.  Instead of relying on the standard LDS answers to questions about the origins of Mormonism, Mr, Tanner did his own research.  He read early sources and talked to many sources.  After years of study, he finally left the LDS.  He and his wife, also ex-Mormon, devoted their lives to helping people discover the truth about the LDS lies.  Mr. Tanner died almost 10 years ago but their work continues at the Utah Lighthouse Ministries (

Another story is that of Earl Erskine.  I found an episode of "Heart of the Matter", a live video broadcast show based in Utah, where Mr. Erskine told of his journey out of Mormonism.  From the beginning of the 2011 episode, I knew that something was different about his story.  At the time of the show, Mr. Erskine was still a member of the LDS, still had a temple recommend, and his changed beliefs were unknown to the LDS.  

Like Mr. Tanner, Mr. Erskine did not set out to prove the LDS false.  Instead, he was simply following the 2005 challenge of the former LDS President Gordon B. Hinkley to read the Book of Mormon in one year.  Ever faithful, Mr. Erskine did just that.  In fact, he finished early.  With the extra time, he challenged himself to read the 1830 publication also.  This brought questions.  Why were there differences?  If the Book of Mormon was the most perfect book even written, why the changes?  These changes were significant theologically.   The God of the 1830 edition was eternal and of one being with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  It took six years of study of LDS approved materials and prayer before Mr. Erskine publicly renounced the LDS.

While the Utah Lighthouse Ministry provides wonderful and factual information about Mormonism, most Mormons will never read any of it.  They are told to:
*Avoid the Tanners.  
*Avoid anything that will cause them to lose their testament. *Avoid anything that is "Anti-Mormon".
*Avoid researching into troubling aspects of their faith.

Instead, Put it on a Shelf.

Elder Dallin Oaks, Quorum of Twelve Apostle, states the LDS mindset quite succinctly.

"It's wrong to criticize leaders of the church, even if the criticism is true."   

Enough said.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

LDS: Restoration of True Christianity or a Fabrication by Joseph Smith?

According to Mormons, Joseph Smith was chosen by God to restore the church to the true teachings of Christ.  According to them, after the first apostles died, the people lost the message and ceased to do the work of God.  The Mormons frequently refer to modern churches as "the whore of Babylon".   Smith was to lead the people back to the correct way to worship God.

A Restoration.

Restorations and reformations have occurred periodically in Christianity.  Martin Luther is the most famous reformer in Christianity.  Many may not realize that Luther had no intention of causing a split in the Catholic Church.  He simply wanted certain practices such as the selling of indulgences to end.  We're wanted a return to a previous type of church.

Joseph Smith preached Mormonism as a restoration of the true church but his ideas and the practices of the LDS have no correlation in any era of Judaism or Christianity.  His so called restoration has enacted a completely new set of practices and heretical beliefs.  A true restoration would make the LDS an institution that Jesus would not only recognize but also feel comfortable promoting and practicing.

A restoration church should be recognizable to Jewish scholars as first century Judaism.  Jesus was a Jew. He preached as a Jew. He worshiped as a Jew.  He lived as a Jew.  If we lost our way within a generation or two of his crucifixion, the practices of the LDS should be very Jewish.

Instead of returning to following the laws of kosher, the LDS has limited only alcohol, coffee, and tea.  Jesus clearly did not activate a strict prohibition against alcohol since he turned water into wine and commanded us to break the bread and drink the wine in remembrance of him, our Holy Eucharist.

Instead of returning to a strict observation of the Sabbath, the LDS still considers Sunday as the proper day to worship God.   If there is anything that could be justified, it would be returning the day of worship to the Jewish Sabbath, Saturday.

When in Judaism or ancient Israel did God command his people to live plural marriage? 
When did He permit all men to be admitted to the priesthood? 
When did He demand strict tithing?  
When did He command the so called temple work of endowment and sealing of marriage for time and eternity.?
When did He advocate baptizing the dead, sealing the dead in marriage and endowment of the dead?

None of the practices or core beliefs are a return. 

Simple Proof that Mormons are not Christians

Mormons portray themselves as the one true church of Jesus Christ.  It is stated in the name of their organization, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They say they believe in Jesus.  They talk about him.  The Book of Mormon is supposedly another testament of Jesus Christ.

So....they must be Christians, right?


Mormonism fails the most basic of all tests of Christianity.  In order to be Christian, a group must believe in the most basic and central belief of Christianity.  That belief is not a belief in Jesus as the Christ.  That comes later.

So...what is the most basic and core belief of Christianity?

God: Eternal, Creator of all, and the Father of all.

Mormons will quickly point out that the believe in God and pray to him.  The problem with that is their definition of God is totally different than any Christian, Jew, or Muslim.  The central teaching about God in Mormonism denies His eternal nature.  Mormons sum up the belief nicely in an easy to remember saying.

"As man is, God once was.  As God is, man may become." Stated by Lorenzo Snow, former prophet.

This is complete blasphemy to any Jew, Muslim or Christian.  This cute little say states that God was once a man!  It goes on to state that men may become gods themselves!  This is the ultimate heresy.

I still have trouble even wrapping my brain around this.  God was a man?  They do not mean this in the same sense that God was made flesh in Jesus to dwell among us.  They mean he was a normal, typical male doing all the things males do.  He lived a good life and was rewarded by becoming a god.  He was given our world to populate.

Even worse than the thought of God having once been a man is the thought that men can become gods and have their own worlds to populate.  Think about it.  Each and every Mormon man believes that if he lives according to the dictates of his religion, he will be rewarded by becoming a god and having his own world.  Women are rewarded IF their husbands choose to elevate them.  Their reward is to be forever pregnant and having spirit babies to populate their husbands world.

I am not making this up.

Mormons deny God is eternal.  They blaspheme in thinking that the men can become a god themselves.

Mormons are polytheists,  The Mormons believe in an incredible number of possible gods.

By denying God as eternal, unchanging and creator of all, Mormons fail the most basic of all tests of Christianity.  It does not matter how many times they talk about Jesus or pray to God.  They are not praying to the same God that is exalted by the three major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Mormonism is not a form of Christianity and without a belief in the eternal and creator God, Mormonism can not be including in the same classification as the three great religions that do worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Mormonism has more in common with the polytheists of ancient Greece and Rome than the monotheistic Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Did the Gold Plates of Mormon Exist?

Gold Plates Clip Art
 Gold Plates:

  • Inscribed with the history of an ancient group that lived in the Americas.
  • Buried in a hill for centuries.
  • Contains the second and "true" testament Jesus of Nazareth.
  • That were "translated" into the Book of Mormon.
  • Unseen by anyone else using their biological eyes.

Without the gold plates, Mormonism falls.  There is no basis for their beliefs if the gold plates never existed.  If Smith lied, thousands of good people have been deceived.  It is curious that the LDS typically depicts Smith translating the plates by sitting at a desk with the plates in front of him. He is deep in thought as he studies them.  This creates a very academic environment for the translations. Reality is so much more interesting. Smith never had the plates in sight as he dictated the Book of Mormon. Instead, he put his favorite er stone into a tall hat, put his face into the hat to block the light, and then and only then would he begin his "translation".

The question is simple. The Book of Mormon is a hoax. No one saw it. The words are not consistent with an ancient manuscript. It contains errors of translation that were unique to the King James version of the bible. None of the so called history is accurate. Native American Indians are not of descended from Israelites.  

The story told about the events and events surrounding that time changed significantly through the years. Smith has a reputation as a story teller.  Stood trial and was convicted for deceiving people.

It was the ultimate get rich quick scheme.  If the objective had truly been to share the word of God, why was there a rush to publish it as a book? Why did he try to sell the copyrights? 

The bigger question is, why did anyone believe him and why are people still unwilling to accept the truth?  I have been watching many YouTube videos about Mormonism and people who try to spread the truth. In several of these videos, the Mormons asked if the Book of Mormon is fake and the LDS is not a true church of God, then what do they have to offer that is better.  

For the people to accept that Smith lied, do they really need to be shown a better option?  They would rather continue to follow a religion based on a lie and faulty theology.  Shouldn't we start with truth and work from there?

I will not preach to people.  I believe in God.  I believe we have lost sight of His love and His guidance though the years.  I started studying all religions in order to see past out perversions of religion. Mormonism is one of the worst offenders.  It was stated on a lie and get progressively worse with time.

There are plenty of very good websites and I am finding many sources written within a few years of Smith's so called discovery.  In the next few weeks, I will be paying many more essays. In those I will provide sources and specifics.  This has become a passion. I want to provide the information people need to not fall victim to the missionary's tactics. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Mormon Fraud: Another Contemporary Source

This morning my head hurts too much to read Howe's book as closely as it deserves.  So, until the weather pattern clears and my head recovers I skimmed the opening lines of another book.  This book is dated slightly later than Howe's 1836 book and was published in 1842.

Mormonism and the Mormons: A Historical View of the Rise and Progress of the Sect Self-Styled Latter-Day Saints by Daniel P. Kidder.  Published by Carlton & Porter,                                        New York 1842.

Once again, I found this book via a quick search of Google Books and downloaded a digital photocopy of the entire manuscript including library stamps.  

While Howe's book may be viewed with skepticism if the claims that his wife, sister, and niece were converts to Mormonism, Kidder had a completely different reason for writing.  In the preface, Kidder explains the origins of his interest in Joseph Smith and Mormonism.  In 1840, Kidder was traveling on the Mississippi River and happened, by chance, to board a vessel owned and operated by Joseph Smith.  After spending a few days with Smith and his followers, Kidder's fellow non-Mormon passengers requested he write an account of their mistreatment at the hands of Smith so that it could be published in St Louis.  Instead, he wrote a piece for the Methodist Quarter Review.  The article was too long for inclusion in the review but the editors advised him to turn the manuscript into a book.

What happened on that fateful voyage that its non-Mormons felt needed to be preserved and published?  When any of the passengers expressed even the slightest doubt about the truth of Mormonism, Smith later chastised them severely.  Kidder concluded that Smith's standard mode of operation was to browbeat his way through life until he got what he wanted.  

Smith's poor treatment of his passengers directly resulted in this book being written.  It will be interesting to find out what else Kidder learned.

Mormon Fraud: A Brief Summary of Mormonism and its Deceptions - Kindle edition by Kristan Payne. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @