Friday, July 31, 2015

The Mormon Fraud: Abundance of Proof Sources

As I am learning about Mormonism and problem inherent with the organization and its unusual beliefs, I decided that I need to narrow my research.  There are many websites, podcasts, and books dealing with contemporary issues in the LDS.  Much of what it is still unknown to me and its critique of the functioning of the LDS is better left to others.  Instead, I am fascinated with the origins of Mormonism.  

I am fascinated with the origins of religions in general and have spent much time reading and researching Judaism, Catholicism, and various Protestant denominations.  Until the Reformation, sources are sparse at best.  The authorship of many of the various books of the Old Testament and New Testament are unknown.  Some of the Letters of Paul were almost definitely written by Paul of Tarsus while others are called psuedepigrapha which is basically the opposite of plagiarism.   A chance word or two by Flavius Josephus constitutes corroborating evidence.

In contrast, Mormonism has an abundance of books and articles written during its founding years.  Smith and crew made such a splash across the country that journalists investigated his story.  People were interviewed and their words recorded.  Through the power of the Internet, I am able to read many of these books.  I have downloaded 10 books so far and the earliest publication date is 1834 "Mormonism Unvailed" by Eder D. Howe.  I am reading from photocopies of the actual pages of the manuscripts.  There has been no modern manipulation of the text and it will take some time to work my way through them.

Howe was a newspaper editor and writer living in Painesville, Ohio.  He investigated Mormonism and Joseph Smith at the request of many friends.  For those unfamiliar with northeast Ohio, Painesville is less than 12 miles from Kirtland, Ohio and Joseph Smith.  One source states that Howe's wife, sister, and niece had converted but I need to find a more reliable source than Wikipedia.  Howe had serious reasons to thoroughly investigate the group, he was in a location to do it, and he had the skills.

As I read this and other early sources, I will share what I learn.  Disinformation and denial seems to be popular with the LDS.  With the advent of the Internet, the truth is available for anyone willing to look.  I found these sources in a matter of minutes on Google Play Store and downloaded them for free.  

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