Sunday, February 22, 2015

Today I Sing Hallelujah

Today I sing Hallelujah.  I will sing all day long in my heart and with my voice.  I will celebrate the love of God and His grace.  I will celebrate the work of His loving hand that this week saved us for perpetual pain.  I will celebrate all that is good in the world.  I will celebrate to promise of spring and new life.

Today I sing Hallelujah despite Lent.   On Sundays in Lent I will sing Hallelujah and thank God for allowing me another week of life.  Lenten Sundays are not part of Lent according to one priest which allows for baptisms to occur.  I will use this reprieve from Lent to sing Hallelujah.

Today I sing Hallelujah.   I will sing because I must sing or I will cry.  Tears have not washed away the pain.  Singing Hallelujah will. Singing Hallelujah will focus my heart and soul on the future and let the past slip away.  Singing Hallelujah will heal my soul.

Today I sing Hallelujah all day.  Tomorrow I will not.  Tomorrow Lent returns and I will sing somber hymns of reflection.  I will sing everyday and await next Sunday when I can once again sing Hallelujah.  And so I shall continue until I can sing He is Risen on Easter morning.