Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Preparing for Easter & Limiting Social Media

Every year people talk about abstaining from certain things during Lent.  As a teenager, I abstained from chewing gum.  Thirty years later, I still remember that year.  More recently I have tried to abstain from drinking Pepsi.  I usually make it a couple weeks and then cave.  Since I have already significantly decreased my Pepsi consumption from 2 cans a day to 1 every week or two, I needed to find a more meaningful sacrifice for Lent.

Last year, my son's girlfriend gave up Facebook during Lent.  She actually did it.  Never once did she log on to her Facebook account from Ash Wednesday to Easter.  Twitter, Instagram and whatever other programs are popular were not off limits.  I decided to try something similar this year with major adjustments.

I would love to totally unplug for Lent.  No Internet.  No Facebook.  No Twitter.  No surfing the web.  Think about all the time I would have! Yes, I have spent too much time on social media.  I have been trying to remember life before the Internet.  What did I do before I spent my time sitting at a computer?

Alas, I cannot forsake social media and the Internet for the 40 days of Lent.  I am trying to build a business and Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are part of my marketing plan (as written by my marketing analyst, Gabriel Payne).  I need to stay current.  Follow trends and build excitement for my products. (I'm paying attention to your advice Gabe!).

Instead, I vow that I will NOT follow links to frivolous pages:

  • No "20 things you didn't know about..."
  • No "You wouldn't believe what happened when..."
  • No "Which ___ are you?"
  • No links about decorating the house.
  • No links about household hints.
  • Definitely no links about celebrities!
I will follow links that appear to be newsworthy or educational.  

Each time before I click, I will ask myself if this is worth my time.  Is this useful to my life?  Will this help me become a better person?  Will this help me serve God? 

This is my Lenten promise.  I will not waste time on the junk of social media.  I will not fall into the traps that are laid by others in hopes of grabbing my attention.  I will focus.  I will prepare my heart and soul for God.