Thursday, July 17, 2014

People Profiting from Autism

This morning I read an article from BBC NEWS about people preying on parents of autistic children.  As one of those parents desperate for answers, hope, or guidance I was vulnerable.  At one point I probably would have bought anything that might help my son.  Fear of the future drove me

I was lucky.

The internet was in its infancy and we lived in the middle of nowhere.

In our community, people had to depend upon each other and had developed an incredible support network parents of special needs kids and an awesome early education program.

I also have two parents who spent there lives working to educate children with disabilities.

Finally, I am a trained researcher/scientist/teacher.

My son went from "needing constant 1:1 support" as a 4 year old to a fifteen year old high school athlete/honor student enrolling himself in PSEO for his junior year.  (PSEO- college classes taken during high school).

I have been writing about this journey since he was reference for intervention.  Now I am finishing his story and how we NEVER paid for special therapies or services to treat his autism.  Everything was through the schools or Real Life Therapy.

It makes my blood boil to think of those profiting for other parents' fears. Striving for Independence: Ways to Help Children with Disabilities Learn to Function More Indepedently eBook: Kristan Payne: Kindle Store