Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Break Begins- Celebrate!

Today is the first day of summer break since I don't count Saturday or Sunday.  We never have school on the weekend.  Today, the kids will wake up for the first time and not have to worry about making it to school before the tardy bell rings.

I wonder how many kids will sleep until 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, or even later.  Bad habits will start today that will make going back to school difficult.  Sleep late, eat at weird times, and become a night owl.  That is all part of summer break, right?

Not this year.  Not for my boys.  I have a plan.  I want to do things.  I want the boys to look back at the summer and say, "Wow.  Look at all we accomplished."   That will not happen unless we make it happen.

This summer we will:

Outside the house
1. Finish the patio and move the camper.
2. Plant a garden in the old gazebo/patio area.
3. Move and split the plants that need it. 
4. Replace the trim that the woodpecker has attacked.
5. Paint the trim.
6. Seal the driveway.
7. Mulch

Inside the house
8. Paint 
9. Purge
10.Clean (made easier by the purging)

For the brain
11. Read daily
12. Study for the ACT
13. Practice problems solving by accomplishing all the other tasks we need done.
14. Visit the zoo often
15. Visit various museums
16. Go fishing
17. Visit and explore new places.
18. Have campfires and roast marshmallows.
19. See movies.

***20. Put together as many old Lego sets as we can from the huge storage tote of Legos***

Lots of work to do.  Lots of fun also.  I'm not a horrible task master.  I won't start playing the piano and singing loudly until 7 am.  We have a small house and the sound reverberates nicely.

Oh...and the Lego project is mine.  I already have two large Star Wars sets almost completed.