Monday, March 10, 2014

A New Chapter Begins

My life can be neatly divided into chapters.  Childhood, High School, College, Research Tech, Grad Student, Motherhood, Autism/Special Needs, Subbing & Crafting.  And today I get to start a new chapter.  Maybe it will be titled "My Career".  Maybe "My Job".  

I am starting to work in an insurance agency office.  How well I like it and it likes me will determine the eventual title.  I am hoping for the career.  I have been searching for almost a decade for a job that is suitable.  Local, some flexibility in hours, respected profession and people who respect me.  

You will notice that money and benefits are not on that list.  I have gone so long with extremely low pay and no benefits that I hardly dare to dream of them.  Forget six figure salary.  I am hoping I will finally get a five figure salary.  Maybe even one that doesn't start with "1".  

Yes, I am or was the working poor.  Highly educated and extremely under employed.  Soon, I hope to just be "the employed".