Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Death of a Friend

Tammy- life eternal 
This morning started like almost every other school day.  I made coffee.  Put the dog out.  Fed the animals.  Drank coffee and checked email, Twitter and Facebook.  My favorite time of day.

All that changed when my son asked if I had been online yet.  Had I seen anything about an accident?  Had I heard anything about Mrs. Clifford?  I knew he was worried.  He pushed his young brother out of the room and spoke quietly.  He told me that his friends were all talking about Mrs. Clifford's death but he wasn't sure he understood the cryptic comments correctly.  He hoped he was wrong.

He wasn't..Once again, his class is dealing with the sudden and totally unexpected death of someone they all know.  Last year it was a classmate, Elliot, who died on a Wednesday.  He had been in school on that Tuesday and only complained of feeling a little sick in the afternoon.  This year they are mourning the loss of a classmate's mother and the wife of their high school principal.

Just like Elliot's death, Tammy's death makes no sense and was completely unexpected.  Tammy was energy, life, and health.  She exercised and lived a healthy life.  Of all the people I worry about dying, she was not one of them.  I envied her healthy lifestyle.  I try to eat right but have never exercised like Tammy.

I can't imagine our town without her.  Tammy was a force of nature.  She was the person who took charge and organized things.  She made sure things got done.  She was never a wall flower.  Sometimes she rubbed people the wrong way.  That happens whenever people aren't afraid to speak.  It happens to me all the time.

I deeply regret that we had a disagreement last spring and never resolved it.

I thought we had time.