Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writer's Block Removed- Book Proposal Almost Finished!

Sometimes the answers to my problems are simple.  I took a long look at my manuscript and realized I was writing the very book I swore I wouldn't.  I was writing "An Idiot's Guide to Gabe".  I had written a memoir about Gabe's triumph over his autism.  That is not what I wanted to do.  There are plenty of those types of books out there already.  I am proud of my amazing son but, in reality, he is no different than thousands or millions of other kids.  Gabe is not a genius like in the new book "Spark".

The reason Gabe succeeded where others like him has more to do with the wonderful support system we have and our basic attitudes towards his disability.  Gabe benefited from his grandparents' life work.  They both dedicated their lives to educating children with disabilities.  He benefited from wonderful teachers and therapists who looked beyond his labels and pushed him.  He benefited from having an older brother who just wanted a playmate and who never let me forget to treat them the same.

This all sounds simple and in many ways it is.  Our way was cheap mainly because we didn't have money to spend on specialists or private therapists.

*Aside from when he was diagnosed, Gabe never saw a specialist for his autism.
*Never taken medications for his autism.
*Never had ABA.
*Never had special "treatments" for his autism.

So, why is Gabe called a "Modern Miracle" by many who know him?

I listened to the simple and old fashioned advice of people who had worked with the disabled for decades.  I followed their advice even when it was difficult. was very difficult.  My son went from a functionally nonverbal toddler who couldn't do the simplest of tasks to a high school honor student studying consumer confidence in our nation economy in his spare time.  This is the same child who didn't learn to count until he was seven years old.  Eight years later he is studying the workings of Wall Street.

Most people credit me with his success.  I did work hard to help him but the philosophies that I used were what I learned from others.  These philosophies and words of wisdom can be applied to any child, disabled or fully abled.  I now know how to write the book I want to write.  I started by throwing out the title page and table of contents.  I started from scratch with a fresh outline.

Now I can write the book that will help millions. Striving for Independence: Ways to Help Children with Disabilities Learn to Function More Indepedently eBook: Kristan Payne: Kindle Store