Friday, August 16, 2013

School Issues- One Problems Solved & Another Created

I got mad yesterday.  I shouldn't.  Breaking point?  My son brought home his schedule for this year.  The schedule that we, the IEP team, was supposed to meet to discuss and plan.  It was a nightmare schedule containing classes he shouldn't be taking and teachers who do not deal well with different styles of learning.

I went straight back to the school. The principal's door was closed and I didn't ask about him.  I've already emailed him several times and phoned him.  He knows I wanted to meet before school starts and make sure this year is not a repeat of last year.

I found the superintendent in his office and voiced in person my concerns that I have previously expressed via email.  He was non-committal and suggested I contact the special ed supervisor to schedule a meeting.  We are a small town.  I've run into both the principal and the special education supervisor at the end of July reminding them of my wish to meet before the start of the school year.

My final hope was the guidance counselor.  Thank God his door was open and he was unoccupied.  He sat with me.  Listened and had already planned for the changes that we needed to make to my son's schedule.  He even called my son to tell him about the changes.  In ten minutes all the problems were solved and my son will start school without a hitch.

I thanked him profusely.  He is a good man and a good guidance counselor.  Problem solved.

New problem.  Backlash from the school towards me.  I will not discuss it further than to say it is happening.  I am being vilified for requesting a meeting and not taking no for an acceptable answer.

Let me be clear.  I am an extremely positive person and praise those who deserve praise.  There are many wonderful teachers and staff in our district.  I told the guidance counselor I had great respect for several of the teachers my son will have this year. I can't say all because two are new to the district.

I will not praise those who do not deserve it.  I will not lump together the whole district and praise it.  I does a disservice to those teachers who deserve respect by categorizing them with those who should either improve or find another profession.  Lumping them altogether for praise is as bad as stereotyping and prejudice.

I am ready for another year knowing my son will start the year with the correct schedule and awesome teachers.

Thank you Mr. "Guidance Counselor" Striving for Independence: Ways to Help Children with Disabilities Learn to Function More Indepedently eBook: Kristan Payne: Kindle Store