Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Wonders of Fish Oil

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I have always been leery of giving medication to my kids. Cold and flu medicine, vaccinations and Tylenol are great.  Ritalin type medications worry me.  I am not sure we understand the long term effects well enough.  Gabe had a bad reaction to Zyrtec (allergy medicine) when he was about 3 years old.  

In using medications, we would not be sure if Gabe was learning to control his autism or if it was just the drugs.  Since he didn't have any dangerous behaviors, I didn't want to medicate him.  When he is an adult, he probably will need and anti-anxiety medication just like his mama but those medicines can have unpredictable effects on immature brains. 

When Gabe was in first grade, I heard about fish oil. I do not remember where or when or what I heard.  I just know that I started giving Gabe fish oil every day.  He took one capsule a day.  This was not a mega-dose or even a regular adult dose.  Adult dose was 3 a day.

For some reason, I never mentioned the fish oil to my mother.  After Gabe was taking the fish oil daily for a few weeks, Mom(Grandma) came for a visit.  She asked what we were doing differently with Gabe.  He seemed calmer.  The only thing was the fish oil.

He has taken it regularly since.  Now that he is 6'3" and 155 lbs, we need to increase to the full recommended dose.  Change is hard to remember after so many years.

Fish oil is recommended for everyone and I have started taking it and giving it to my other sons as well.  The benefits are many and since we are not taking mega-doses, it should do no harm.