Saturday, January 19, 2013

In Your Weakness, In Your Strength...
In Your Weakness, In Your Strength...

A couple days ago I tweeted this: "In your weakness, in your strength I have seen God's Face." from On the Wings of Grace by Jim Strathdee  

Strathdee Music

My apologies to the Strathdees if I am misquoting the song.  More than 30 years ago, they sang at a youth conference in the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio.  I do not remember anything specific from that weekend except for the joy their music brought us.  My sister and I bought some of their recordings and listened to them until we broke the tape.  Since then, the only place I hear the song is in my head.  

I loved many of the songs but for some reason this song stuck with me more than the rest.  It is a very sad song about two nuns in Argentina who were kidnapped and tortured but only one survived. The line "in your weakness. in your strength I have seen God's face" echoed in my head for years mainly because I didn't understand it.

Seeing God's face in our weaknesses?  How is that possible?  Wouldn't He only be in our strengths?  It is starting to make sense.  We only really learn from our mistakes, our failures.   When life rolling alone smoothly, we are not challenged.  When we fail and our weaknesses are exposed, we can turn to God and grow.

It is also in our weaknesses that we can better relate to others.  No one likes to admit failure but when we do, others can learn that they are not the only ones facing difficulties.  It is very easy to convince ourselves that we are the only ones dealing with problems.  Everyone else's lives look perfect.

Reality is much different.  During times of stress, I have often found myself singing this song to myself.  I am not sure why but I would start singing it without conscious thought.  Every time I found my burdens eased.

Thank you Jim and Jean Strathdee!