Monday, December 17, 2012

A New Day...A New World

Turquoise Rosary with Wire Wrapped Cross
After the horrific events that occurred in Newport, Connecticut last Friday, I am moved to finally find a forum for my voice.  I wondered for a while how people started a blog and thought it would be interesting to do.  I never looked very hard to find the answers.  I looked today and found the answer in minutes.  Go to  Minutes later and here I am typing my first blog!  Will anyone read it?  That is another story.

Like most I can't express the grief and horror of last Friday adequately.  I am also angry.  All those years of listening to the NRA preach about our right to bear arms and too strict guns laws have led to this.  A world where a boy can take his parent's legally purchased weapon and in minutes wipe out the lives of 26 people.  We as ordinary citizens have no reason to possess such high powered and destructive weapons.

I grew up around guns.  My brother had guns hanging on a gun rack in his bedroom.  My family hunts. We respect the power of the guns.  There is a great deal of difference between a hunting gun and what the shooter (I will not use his name) used on those innocents.

Some people say that shooting high powered semi-automatic weapons is their hobby.  Maybe it is time to find another hobby. Find a hobby that wouldn't potentially turn into a disaster if stolen or misused.  My hobby involves beads.  My beads do not maim or kill.  If someone steals my beads I do not have to worry that they will be used in the commission of a crime and be the cause of death or injury.

Just because we can make these weapons doesn't mean that we should and it doesn't mean that they should be available to the masses!